About Us


A warm hello and welcome,


My name is Isis. I am the boss here and everything goes my way. It doesn’t always work, but I don’t give up!

I am a Whippet, full of energy and drive outside and rather sleepy inside. I like it warm and cosy. A little bed with a pillow (or more than one, and don’t forget the fluffy blanket) is just right for me.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I am the boss here – but I sometimes let the two-legged ones think they are).

No toy is included in our product range without me having thoroughly examined and tested it first. I particularly like anything that squeaks – much to Luna’s chagrin, she doesn’t like it at all.

So if you have any questions about our toys, or if you have any great ideas for toys etc. that I can test, please feel free to contact me.


Your Isis





Hello, nice to see you here!!!

If we would meet in person, I would like it even more. Every visit, big or small, is the best part of the day for me.

Who am I? Oh, I almost forgot. I’m sorry! I’m Luna, advanced age (I’m a lady, you don’t ask for years) and a Border Collie. My main job at MyDogandI is to greet every parcel carrier that comes with our great dog articles. And of course to test all the new articles – I want to make sure that only the best articles make it into our online shop.

I especially like intelligence toys. Agility is unfortunately not my thing any more, my bones don’t really want it – much to my regret. Oh yes, and everything with water is not really necessary. But shhh – not everyone needs to know that.

I’m only afraid of thunderstorms – but then I’m really scared – unfortunately.

It is especially important for me to make sure that we always support animal shelters and animal welfare organisations – because every animal has a right to a great and wonderful life – yes, I speak from experience – I also only found my home at the second attempt.

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Good day!

So, I’m supposed to introduce myself here. Well, let me do that.

Allow me to introduce myself: Curt, please note that C is not K – I’m very precise about that.

I am the only gentleman here in the team and it is often not easy, I must say. But with my calm and relaxed nature I manage quite well, I would say.

But not that you think I am a sleeping pill, oh no, I am not the youngest anymore and the one or other aches and pains plague me from time to time, but I still love to play walking and running.

Even though I am the biggest one here, I have a gentle streak. I like to carry every stuffed toy around with me and keep it safe – I have to, otherwise Isis will take it away from me at the first opportunity.

I keep everything together here and bring in order.

Your Curt

‘- As I said with C not K – I really must insist on that-